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One of the most exciting and awe inspiring fashion trends relating to home design in the 21st century has been the concept of replacing traditional bathrooms with Wet Rooms.

Like the traditional bathroom, a wet room has the usual utilities - shower, washbasin & WC. But unlike the traditional bathroom, a wet room is designed to allow water to flow and splash freely around the room virtually uncurtailed.

Usually there are no shower splash screens, curtains or cubicles to prevent water splashing around the room. Water is left to do its own thing and given the freedom to go wherever it likes.

Of course to achieve this and stop water from accessing other parts of the property and causing wet damage, the wet room is waterproofed and fully tiled on the floors and walls, with drainage points located at strategic locations in the floor. To ensure that the water flows to the drainage points, the floors are sloped slightly downwards towards the drains, enabling the excess water to drain safely away via the normal drainage facilities within the property.


Generally there are two types of wet rooms - completely open plan & splash screen panels.

The completely open plan wet room is exactly that - completely open plan. There is nothing to stop water when showering or bathing from reaching every part of the room and splashing everything within reach.

When splash screen panels are used, they are normally fitted near the shower or bath to restrict the splash range of the water to within the confines of the shower (or bath) section itself. When fitted however, they are usually suspended a few inches above the floor allowing water to flow freely towards the drains.

Wet rooms are ultra modern, trendy & contemporary, and are easy to keep clean.


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Modern fully-tiled open-plan wet room with built-in power shower and WC

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