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Welcome to the Welsh Plumbing website, providing you with the best options in terms of green, eco-friendly energy solutions as well as top quality domestic plumbing services.


The vast majority of homes in Wales use conventional Central Heating with radiators fed by either a gas or oil-fired boiler. Should you need to update your system, replace old radiators or change your boiler, Welsh Plumbing will be pleased to provide you with a competative quotation for the job.


From installing washing machines and kitchen sinks to repairing burst pipes, you should consider giving Welsh Plumbing a call on Freephone 0330 900 9003. They will be pleased to assist in every way they can and keep your disruption to the minimum possible. More...


The new, modern and contemporary Bathroom of your dreams is only a phone call away. Why don't you give Welsh Plumbing a call now on Freephone 0330 900 9003, and they will be pleased to discuss your options as well as providing a competative quotation. You'll be glad you did. More...


A Wet Room is a cool, trendy alternative to a conventional bathroom. Why not be the envy of your neighbours with a new wet room installed by Welsh Plumbing. More...

Modern contemporary bathroom with twin chrome heated towel radiators


If you want to improve your carbon footprint, reduce your negative impact on the environment, and reduce your reliance on fossil based fuels, then you should consider installing a renewable energy system that is truly eco-friendly - Solar PV Panels.

Government grants and rebates may be available to help with installation and future running costs. More...



Air sourced Heat Pumps are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK as they are eco-friendly whilst being energy efficient as well. They extract heat from the air itself, and convert that into heating for your whole house, kind of like a fridge in reverse.

Although they require conventional electricity to operate, for every single energy unit used they produce 3 to 5 units of energy.

To learn how you could benefit from installing air heat pumps, click here or call Welsh Plumbing now on Freephone 0330 900 9003. More...

Biomass wood pellets are environmentally friendly


An excellent green alternative to oil or gas heating is an eco-friendly Biomass Boiler, which burns wood waste in the form of pellets for fuel?

The pellets are made from sawdust, offcuts and waste timber reclaimed from forestry sources and the timber industry itself, thus using products which would normally be discarded as waste.

Welsh Plumbing are authorised installers of the Grant's Biomass Boiler, and will be pleased to provide you with the information you need to consider using a biomass boiler as your green, eco-friendly alternative to your existing central heating boiler. More...

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