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Montage of images related to air heat pumps and domestic central heating


Air source heat pumps operate like a fridge in reverse. Instead of extracting heat from the food inside the fridge compartment, they extract heat from the air and use that for background space heating and to heat water. Some systems can even extract heat when the outside temperature is as low as -25°C.

Heat pumps also offer higher levels of efficiency when compared to traditional home heating methods like electric, LPG or oil-fired systems. They also easier to install than other methods, making them suitable for a wide variety of properties, especially flats and rural properties. But they perform most efficiently in properties that are already well insulated with double glazing, loft insulation & cavity wall insulation.


As air heat pumps extract heat from the naturally available air, they are more eco-friendly and greener than more traditional heating methods based on fossil fuels. And they are now being recommended for installation in rural areas that don't have access to mains gas.

These areas in the past have had to rely on heating options like LPG or oil-fired systems, requiring bulk storage and ensuring that supplies are ordered well in advance of actual usage.

With air heat pumps, the heat is on tap at the flick of a switch all year round.


Air heat pumps are not 100% green as they require electricity to operate. But for every 1kW of electricity used to operate the system, air heat pumps produce at least 3kW of heating energy.

Thus air heat pumps tend to be 3 times more efficient than the alternative heating systems like electricity, oil or gas, which rely 100% on fossil fuels which are getting more and more expensive to operate.


To encourage consumers to invest in and start using less fossil fuel energy and more eco-frienly, renewable energy sources, the UK government has introduced the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, or RHI for short.

Registered participants in the RHI scheme get paid a tariff for every 1kWh of energy they produce using an approved renewable energy installation. Approved Air Heat Pumps which have been installed after 15 July 2009 may qualify for the payments. Terms and conditions apply. Click here for more information.

Air Heat Pump Benefits

  • Up to 50% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Up to 3 times more energy efficient than traditional heating systems
  • Self-contained external unit requiring only water & electric connections
  • No gas supply, flues or ventialation required
  • No need for bulk storage facilities
  • Low maintenance
  • Can operate in temps as low as -25°C

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